Concordia University Student Sues School for Giving Him a B+

On the face, William Groombridge has a fair point.  He received an 81%, an A-minus, according to Concordia’s grading scheme, yet  he was awarded a B-plus.  For his trouble, he’s suing Concordia for $342

Still, I’m unsympathetic, because there’s a simple explanation why he got a B-plus- they deducted marks for having attended Concordia.  Seems reasonable to me, let’s face it, anyone taking a course at Concordia isn’t an A-student.  On the other hand, he probably has a claim against the university for the $342 – surely to God it’s unconscionable for Concordia to have charged Mr. Groombridge anything for the tripe that passes for an education at Concordia.  Take the free advice, Mr. Groombridge, argue unconscionability!