Terrorism makes you stupid

It’s a source of wonderment to my criminal lawyer friends that people accused of committing serious crimes can’t be bothered to shut-the-fuck-up and get a lawyer after they’re arrested.  For Crowns, this tendency, while baffling, is appreciated, since it makes convictions that much easier.  The running theory is that crime makes you stupid, and if anyone ever wanted proof of that proposition, I give you Chiheb Esseghaier, one of the suspected accused in the alleged plot to attack a VIA train.  

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Iran, Canada and the Alleged VIA Bombers

Yesterday, the RCMP arrested two alleged terrorists for attempting to to attack a VIA train travelling between Toronto and New York.  Details of the plot are still sketchy, but according to at least one account, the two alleged terrorists intended to derail VIA train 97 as it crossed the Whirlpool Bridge, near Niagara Falls – plunging the train and its passengers into the Niagara Gorge.  Interestingly, in light of Canada’s recent diplomatic history with that country, the RCMP also alleges that the two alleged terrorists  received support from “Al Qaeda elements in Iran“.

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