Queen’s University vs. Captain Underpants

In a nice change from ranting about Rob Ford (who still hasn’t denied smoking crack.  I’m just saying), I came across this story  from Queen’s University.  Now, I’m a former Queen’s grad, but I’ve long since lost any respect for the place.  Even when I was there it was painfully politically correct, but since I’ve graduated it’s fallen even further downhill – bottoming out, or so I thought, in 2006 with the proposal to hire “dialogue monitors” (i.e., the modern, politically correct, terminology for people we used to call “rats”, “finks”, or “stoolies”) to spy on their fellow students to denounce politically incorrect thoughts.  At the time, I think I wrote a letter to the Queen’s administration asking them to take back my degree, but I suppose they still harbour the (mistaken) illusion that I might someday give them money, because I never heard back from them.  Continue reading “Queen’s University vs. Captain Underpants”