“Stephen Harper hates us” – I wonder why?

The contrast between two stories recent news stories about the Public Service Alliance of Canada (“PSAC”), the union that represents most federal civil servants, struck me as a perfect illustration of the obliviousness of modern public sector labour unions (though by no means a solitary one).

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Classic Bob – What ever happened to common sense in public schools?

In a follow-up to this morning’s “This is ONE of the Reasons why Johnny Can’t read…” post on the general lack of common sense in our public schools, here’s another “Classic Bob” rant from last December, responding to the story of a 7-year-old boy who was threatened with a suspension for “sexual harassment” for kicking another boy in the groin, after that boy allegedly stole his gloves and choked him.  In fact, according to the boy’s mother, the school principal went so far to accuse the boy of “sexual assault”. 

*** shakes head slowly ***

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