Why are Egypt’s Crimes Stephen Harper’s Fault?

This morning we learned that an Egyptian court – a kangaroo court, if ever there was one – after what can only be characterized as a farce of a trial, had convicted  Mohammed Fahmy, an Egyptian-Canadian Al-Jazeera reporter, on “terrorism-related” charges and sentenced him to 7 years in prison.  That the conviction was preordained is undeniable.   This can probably be taken for granted anywhere in the Arab world, but even by the low standards of the region, this trial was a joke.   Apparently, Egypt defines “terrorism” as saying unflattering, if accurate, things about its shit-hole government (that the current shit-hole government isn’t much worse (or better) than its predecessor shit-hole government, is really neither here nor there).  Still, Mr. Fahmy’s conviction  in itself, isn’t all that interesting – after all, did anyone really expect a fair trial? 

What’s more interesting has been the response of some of Mr. Fahmy’s family and supporters, who have been harshly critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Mr. Fahmy’s brother’s, Sherif, tweeted Stephen Harper:

I hold you responsible for leaving my brother to rotten in Egyptian prison. Was a call or a public statement that difficult?

Or Tony Burman, columnist for the Toronto Star who said:

The absence of the highest level of intervention, on behalf of the Canadian government has been lamentable. But, there is a chance for reversal…It’s now time for Canada’s prime minister to indicate to Egypt that enough is enough.

More in this vein can be seen here.

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Canada to Iran – Fuck off! We don’t recognize barbarians.

Zahra Kazemi shown before her arrest.
Zahra Kazemi shown before her arrest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve told people for years that Canada should break off diplomatic relations with Iran.  Well, it looks like the powers-that-be have finally come to the same conclusion.  Earlier today, the Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, announced that Canada was breaking-off diplomatic relations with Iran. Canada has pulled its diplomats from Iran and has given Iranian diplomats 5 days to leave the country.  In addition Canada announced that it was naming Iran as state sponsor of terrorism under the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act, stripping Iran of sovereign immunity from lawsuits in Canadian courts.  It’s about time.

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Anyone Else Tired of Julian Assange’s Bullshit?

So apparently the purpose of Julian Assange’s extradition to Sweden for alleged sex crimes is really part of a US “witch hunt against WikiLeaks“.  Apparently the end-game is for the US to have the Swede’s extradite him to the US to face alleged unspecified charges relating to Wikileaks.  Anyone else sick of this bullshit?

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