The REAL reason why the West shouldn’t intervene in Syria

I had a nice long, serious, moderately thoughtful piece prepared on why the West shouldn’t intervene in Syria.  It was going to talk about how, despite my view that Western armies (principally American, but be fair, Canada has punched above its weight in the last century) are one of the great forces for peace and civilization in the modern era (in particular, how, notwithstanding the conceits of the Euro-philes, the secret to peace in Europe for the past 7+ decades was the presence of Anglo-sphere armies in Germany – just remember Germans, we defended you from the commies for four decades, but we weren’t invited there), I couldn’t get over the sense that any intervention in Syria is just going to be a complete and total clusterfuck.  It would probably end up with the West propping up an opposition government that differed from the Assad government only in the target of its human rights violations, but only if the whole thing didn’t degenerate into a Lebanon-style schmozzle of ethnic and religious cleansing in a country jammed pack with Russian weapons and chemical munitions.    Continue reading “The REAL reason why the West shouldn’t intervene in Syria”