The Intolerance of Muslims – What the “Innocence of Muslims” tells us about the Islamic World.

In the wake of last week’s attacks on the US embassy in Cairo and the US consulate in Benghazi, and the killing of the US Ambassador to Libya and several of his staffers as they helped evacuate that consulate, US (and other Western) embassies have been attacked across the Islamic world.  These attacks were purportedly instigated by a new film, titled “Innocence of Muslims”, which claims to portray the life of the Prophet Mohammad.  At the very least the film gave Islamists a pretext for attacking the United States.   But it is the reaction to “Innocence of Muslims” throughout the Islamic world that is a telling indicator of the intolerance of the Islamic world and, I think, gives a good example of why many in the West are, with good reason, afraid of Islam as practiced by a good chunk of its adherent. (As a side note, I refer to the Islamic world rather than Islam intentionally.  Like Christianity and Judaism, or any other religion, Islam is capable of tolerant and open-minded interpretations and intolerant and hateful interpretations.  It is what its adherents make of it).

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Walrus Sex or a Special Kind of Stupid?

Sometimes you’ll read a story in the paper and say to yourself: “Is this a joke?  Can people really be this stupid?”  That was my reaction to the story about a conservative lobby group in the US who alleged that this skittles ad, featuring a woman making out with a Walrus, promoted bestiality.  According to Monica Cole, the spokesperson for the group One-Million Moms:

“This human is doing something with an animal that doesn’t seem natural. Even though they weren’t in an actual sexual act, it gets your mind going and thinking things you shouldn’t be thinking.

“They’re taking lightly the acts of bestiality.”

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Classic Bob – In this Battle Over a Niqab, I don’t know who to cheer for!

In light of the fiasco that is the Parti Quebecois‘ proposal  to turn Quebec into arguably the least tolerant jurisdiction in North America to impose controversial restrictions on language and religious displays, I thought this older piece might be appropriate.  It arose from this story about a Muslim woman who was told to remove her Niqab if she wanted to attend a French language/civics class, because, among other things, the teacher couldn’t see her lips to ensure she was learning French properly.  In response, she filed a human rights complaint with the Quebec human rights tribunal. Enjoy!

I’m never sure who to cheer for in these cases.

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This is ONE of the reasons why Johnny Can’t Read…

This story, about a 5-year-old Oklahoma City boy who got into trouble for wearing a University of Michigan T-shirt, is the latest of a long-list of stories about schools freaking about otherwise innocuous things their students are wearing or saying at school.  Yesterday, there was this story about the high school valedictorian, also from Oklahoma, who was refused her diploma for saying “hell” in her graduation speech.  A few months ago, my friend the Devil’s Advocate had a post about the high school student forced to leave school for wearing a T-shirt that said “life is wasted without Jesus”.  

What the hell is wrong with our schools and their administrators? 

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World’s Crappiest Countries – Pakistan Edition

Part of me wants to feel bad for picking on Pakistan.  It is, after all, one of the world’s crappiest countries.  It probably doesn’t need to be reminded of that fact.  But then I read this story and, yeah, it needs to be reminded of the fact.

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Anyone Else Tired of Julian Assange’s Bullshit?

So apparently the purpose of Julian Assange’s extradition to Sweden for alleged sex crimes is really part of a US “witch hunt against WikiLeaks“.  Apparently the end-game is for the US to have the Swede’s extradite him to the US to face alleged unspecified charges relating to Wikileaks.  Anyone else sick of this bullshit?

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