Ontario’s Liberals Failed Our Children

The most shameful aspect of Ontario’s former Liberal government was its abject mismanagement of Ontario’s public education system, reflected in the steady, significant and shocking (though, perhaps, not surprising, in light of the content of their policies) decline in math education in this province.

This decline is evidenced, most recently, by the release of grade 6 math test scores showing that only 49% of grade six students are meeting provincial standards. We have an education system which fails to impart key skills to just over half its students. Shocking on it’s own, but all the more so since, as recently as a decade ago, that number was 63%. Similar declines show up in grade 3 math testing and in international PISA test scores. The Liberals took an education system that was not particularly good at teaching math in the first place (that only 63% of grade 6 students made the grade in 2008-09 was scandalous enough) and made it much, much, worse.

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If you had any pride, you woudn’t be wearing that ring!

I’m a bit late on this one, but I read this story over the weekend about students at a York region high school who have taken to wearing clothing, bandannas and jewelry (including rings, a point which I’ll come back to in a moment) sporting the confederate flag, purportedly as a symbol of “country values”.  Predictably, the school decided to ban the symbol. From Saturday’s Star:

At the sprawling school parking lot, marked by pickup trucks and snowmobile tracks, most students were angry the administration was intervening in what they choose to wear or accessorize with.

Some students in the town on the east shore of Lake Simcoe said the display of the flag wasn’t widespread, and many debated its meaning.

“It’s more about the country values, we don’t think of it as racist,” said a Grade 10 student, who has T-shirts, belt buckles and hats with the symbol, and plans to keep wearing them.

“I didn’t even know it was racist,” said Grade 12 student Jess Pasco, as her friend agreed. “Then I Googled it.”

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Concordia University Student Sues School for Giving Him a B+

On the face, William Groombridge has a fair point.  He received an 81%, an A-minus, according to Concordia’s grading scheme, yet  he was awarded a B-plus.  For his trouble, he’s suing Concordia for $342

Still, I’m unsympathetic, because there’s a simple explanation why he got a B-plus- they deducted marks for having attended Concordia.  Seems reasonable to me, let’s face it, anyone taking a course at Concordia isn’t an A-student.  On the other hand, he probably has a claim against the university for the $342 – surely to God it’s unconscionable for Concordia to have charged Mr. Groombridge anything for the tripe that passes for an education at Concordia.  Take the free advice, Mr. Groombridge, argue unconscionability!