Terrorism Makes you Stupid – Redux

English: Major Nidal Malik Hasan, Fort Hood sh...
Major Nidal Malik Hasan.  And a psychiatrist – would you want mental health advice from this guy?  Seriously, does he LOOK like a happy fellow?  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In keeping with a recent post on the ass-clown behaviour of alleged Islamicist terrorists (or, at least, would-be terrorists), we have alleged Fort Hood murderer Major Nidal Hasan.  Facing the death penalty on 13 counts of murder – and no one denies he’s responsible for killing his 13 victims – he has dismissed his lawyer and is proposing to defend himself.  Sure, ’cause that’s a good idea!

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Sure, blame Israel, why not? Updated

So, a Coptic Christian of Egyptian ancestry living in the US produces a film that denigrates Mohammad and which was broadcast repeatedly on Islamist TV stations in Egypt.  And how do Muslims in Lebanon and Afghanistan react?  By burning Israeli flags and chanting “Death to Israel”.  [Update: Muslim protestors in Sri Lanka spent yesterday throwing slippers at the Israeli flag – better than bombs, I suppose – while a North American Muslim group is calling for a protest against Zionist “hatemongers“]

Am I missing something? 

I guess ranting and raving about the US wasn’t sufficiently irrational, so they figured they might as well blame a country that, literally, has no connection to the “Innocence of Muslims” fiasco.   They might as well be chanting “Death to Finland” for all the sense it makes (maybe I shouldn’t be giving them ideas).

[On further thought, I’m now convinced that the whole “Innocence of Muslims” bun-fight was orchestrated by the Acme Israeli and American Flag Company trying to clear out it’s inventory for the 2013 models.]