I’m Back!!!!!

It’s been a while, but I’m blogging again about Canadian politics, law and world affairs from a distinctly Canadian, conservative, perspective.

“Why the new blog name?” you might ask.  One of the frustrating things about being a conservative, particularly a Canadian conservative, is that you’re surrounded by idiots.  Sure, there are Liberals and NDPers and a whole collection of lefties who frustrate the hell out of you, but they’re really the least of my problems.   It’s the goddamned stupid conservatives (at least, self-described as such) who drive me up the fucking wall.  No better way to undermine really good ideas, than to have them advanced by unthinking fools.

To be a thinking conservative in this day and age marks you out as something of a lone wolf, unwelcome among the unthinking sheep on the left – because you’re likely to savage them – but not part of the pack of followers on the right, who turn off their brains and follow the leader (was there every a more pathetic display of this tendency than the disgraceful sight of moderate Republicans voting for Donald Trump?).  So that’s me, the Canadian Lone Wolf.


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