“The Case for Colonialism” and the Closing of the Academic Mind

I was struck by a story in this morning’s Star about a recent article published the Third World Quarterly, a scholarly journal devoted to… well… the study of the third world. The offending article, by Bruce Gilley, a Portland State Political Scientist, is titled “The Case for Colonialism” and makes the arguments, among others, that Western Colonialism was “both objectively beneficial and subjectively legitimate in most of the places where it was found”. Furthermore, he criticizes the long-line of anti-colonial scholarship which, in his view, provides a distorted and politically motivated assessment of the merits (or lack thereof) of colonialism.  Now his main point about the merits of colonialism is contestable, and I’m not sure I would subscribe to that thesis on balance, though I can’t contest his claim that colonialism had benefits as well as costs.  His secondary point, that anti-colonial scholarship is distorted and politically motivated… well… read on.

To read the reaction, you’d think he’d fed a puppy into a tree shredder live on the internet.  It’s worth reading Gilley’s piece before considering the response, if only to fully understand how unbalanced it is.

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How the Ontario Conservatives Can Win the Next Election – Education

One of the impressive accomplishment of the once-mighty Ontario Conservative Party over the past decade has been their knack for losing eminently winnable provincial elections against a wasteful, corrupt and incompetent Ontario Liberal government.  With that in mind, the fact that recent polls show the Tories with a healthy (but not enormous) lead doesn’t exactly instill great confidence (particularly given how disastrous the last 14 years of Liberal rule has been for the province).

This post is the first in a series outlining how the Tories can win the next provincial election. Today:  Highlighting the abject failure of Liberal education policy.

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I’m Back!!!!!

It’s been a while, but I’m blogging again about Canadian politics, law and world affairs from a distinctly Canadian, conservative, perspective.

“Why the new blog name?” you might ask.  One of the frustrating things about being a conservative, particularly a Canadian conservative, is that you’re surrounded by idiots.  Sure, there are Liberals and NDPers and a whole collection of lefties who frustrate the hell out of you, but they’re really the least of my problems.   It’s the goddamned stupid conservatives (at least, self-described as such) who drive me up the fucking wall.  No better way to undermine really good ideas, than to have them advanced by unthinking fools.

To be a thinking conservative in this day and age marks you out as something of a lone wolf, unwelcome among the unthinking sheep on the left – because you’re likely to savage them – but not part of the pack of followers on the right, who turn off their brains and follow the leader (was there every a more pathetic display of this tendency than the disgraceful sight of moderate Republicans voting for Donald Trump?).  So that’s me, the Canadian Lone Wolf.