The Decidedly Corporate Rabble.Ca

I enjoyed the irony of today’s story in the Post about how, Canada’s pre-eminent left-wing and union-backed news platform (which is a fair description only if the dissemination of left-wing talking point and fact-free ideology can be characterized as “news”), allegedly hasn’t paid it Quebec “bureau-chief”, Ethan Cox, in 10 months.  Naughty, naughty.

But I don’t want to harp on the hypocrisy of calling for a higher minimum wage while allegedly screwing it’s own workers (although…).  Rather, for me, the money quote in the story was from Mr. Cox himself, when he says:

“Rabble is not a corporation, it is a labour of love”

Now, I won’t quibble with the second part of that quote, maybe working for is a labour of love for Mr. Cox (although, apparently, his love doesn’t come cheap), but the first part is wrong.  See, IS A CORPORATION!

What, you don’t believe me?  It was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act (the “CCA“) .  See, just look at its corporate record on the industry Canada webpage. Yeah, I guess the people behind are all against big bad corporations, well, except when it comes to their business (which, seems to correspond with their position on paying their workers a living wage – a good idea for other people).  And for an organization that talks a big game about how big bad corporations don’t comply with their legal obligations, you might think that they would do something about filing their 2011 annual filings (which are now, apparently, 2 years past due.  It doesn’t look like they’ve held annual meetings in a while either).

Doesn’t it say something about the ignorance of the people who write for who, while forever demonizing corporations, aren’t even aware that they work for one?

On the bright side for Mr. Cox, if doesn’t have the money to pay his wages (as he claims – UPDATE: disputes that he was even an employee. Not sure that’s the best defense for a labour-backed organization), he might think about talking (or having his lawyer talk) to its directors (who are conveniently listed on the industry Canada webpage).  Under the CCA  a corporation’s directors can be held liable for up to 6 months of unpaid wages of its employees (under section 99 of the CCA).  Since the directors of include a number of people who are prominent in the labour movement, including a vice-president of OPSEU (Ontario’s public sector union) and the director of operations at the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (the labour movement’s pet “think” tank), even the threat of a lawsuit (and the embarrassment that would come with it) may be enough to ensure that Mr. Cox gets whatever is owed to him (if anything).

1 thought on “The Decidedly Corporate Rabble.Ca”

  1. “Not sure that’s the best defense for a labour-backed organization”
    haha.. EXACTLY… rabble relies on a community of free and cheap labour from people who are willing to be paid late or not be paid b/c they believe in a progressive vision/ what rabble stands for. If rabble is going to attack the very people that make this possible then…..


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