Classic Bob – Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Here’s another “Classic Bob” rant from last year on the decision by Justice Malloy, of the Ontario Court of Justice, striking down the provisions of the Criminal Code imposing a mandatory minimum 3-year sentence for possession of a loaded handgun.   Justice Paul Bellefontaine later struck down a related provision on similar grounds last summer:

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The Orwellian World of Modern “Human Rights” Activists

From todays Post:

“Only hours after students installed a “Free Speech Wall” at Carleton University to prove that campus free speech was alive and well, it was torn down by an activist who claimed the wall was an “act of violence,” against the gay community.

“What we wanted to promote was competition of ideas, rather than ‘if I disagree with you I’ve got to censor you,’” said Ian CoKehyeng, founder of Carleton Students for Liberty, the creators of the wall.

Installed on Monday in the Unicentre Galleria, one of campus’ most high-traffic areas, the wall was really more of a 1.2 x 1.8 meter wooden plank wrapped in paper and equipped with felt markers.

In truth, the wall’s only overt references to sexual orientation were pro-gay, such as “QUEERS ARE AWESOME,” “Gay is OK” and “I [Heart] Queers.”

By Tuesday morning the wall was gone, destroyed in an act of “forceful resistance,” by seventh-year human rights student Arun Smith.”

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