Monkeys…. without the talent.


Monkey banana delight
See, monkeys can figure it out can (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An Austrian grocery store (the “common sense” grocery store, if you believe it) has experimented with a new product – pre-peeled, packaged, bananas

Now this is an inherently dumb idea (buying a “pre-peeled” banana is kind of like buying a “pre-opened” condom – you don’t want anything to do with either) and probably violates a half-dozen EU environmental and packaging regulations (Greenpeace is up in arms, but what else is new?).  But what gets me it what this says about how the store perceives its consumers?  Do they really believe that their customers are too stupid and/or lazy to peel bananas by themselves?  Are their customers basically monkeys, albeit without the ability to peel a freakin’ banana?

Then again, it’s Europe, so it’s quite possible that some of their customers are sinfully lazy/stupid.  Or else they may believe that they have a human right to have bananas peeled for them – much like the infamous EU human right to a vacation and the “right to be tourists” (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up) – so maybe the store’s on to something. If we don’t make bananas more accessible, how can we ensure banana equality?

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