Civil Servants Feeling Stress – Cry Me A River

I was struck by this story in this morning’s Globe describing the suffering of our federal civil servants in light of the federal government’s austerity measures.  According to the Globe:

A distress line for federal public servants is on track to receive a record number of calls this year as prolonged staffing cuts create high levels of anxiety.

Those poor kittens.  Anyone else share my decided lack of sympathy?

I realize the federal civil servants are insulated from, well, reality, but you suppose the might have noticed the global depression that’s been going on for, oh, 4 years.   They’re anxious about losing their jobs?  Welcome to the real world!   What does it say about the disconnect between the civil servants and the public that they serve that this is only something they’ve started to worry about now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not fun having to worry about whether you’ll have a job tomorrow or watching your friends get sacked (believe me).  But, the fact that federal civil servants have to deal with this, isn’t likely to attract much sympathy.  After all, that’s the reality that most Canadians – at least, most Canadians in the private sector – deal with all the time.  Mind you, most of us deal with it by manning-up and going back to work, rather than snivelling to a “distress line”, but hey, to each their own.  It isn’t news, it’s life.  Deal with it.



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