Keep your children off the pole!

Chris Rock once said about being a father that his only job in life is to keep his daughter off the strip pole:  “I mean they don’t grade fathers, but if your daughter is a stripper you fucked up!”

Which brings me to the subject of this story in today’s Globe reporting on a Duncan BC company which offer parents the opportunity to sign their 5-year old daughters (or sons) up for pole dancing lessons (at $70 an hour!).  According to Kristy Craig, the studio’s owner “My existing [presumably adult] students were asking about it for their children… They were saying, ‘My daughter plays on my pole at home all the time. I’d love for her to learn how to do things properly and not hurt herself.’ ”

You’ll forgive me while I have a stroke for a second.  It’s bad enough that these parents (if I can call them that) have strip poles at home (you know you’re a class act when…), worse tha they let their children play on them , but now they’re PAYING for their CHILDREN to take POLE DANCING lessons?!?!?!  Man, and I thought Toddlers & Tiaras was the bottom of the cesspit.

In defense of this practice (because it seems that Ms. Craig isn’t the first BC “dance” studio to offer children’s pole dancing lesson), another pole dancing instructor (and former exotic dancer, though I’m sure that’s a coincidence) explained that children loved it.  I’m sure they did.  Kids are funny like that, they will have fund doing anything, no matter how wrong or completely inappropriate it is.  That’s why we don’t let kids make decisions.

Look, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for teaching your kids a trade.  But I was hoping that parents might set their sights a bit higher than pole dancing.  Then again, as Chris Rock might say, there are some seriously fucked-up parents.

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