Hello world!

Welcome to If I wanted your opinion…!

This blog has evolved from my long-running practice of sending ranting and raving email about the events of the day to my long-suffering friends and colleagues.  Those rants were generally well received (in that recipients have generally had the decency to pretend that they were either insightful or entertaining – before adding my email address to their spam filter).  Indeed, some of my friends even suggested setting up a blog (perhaps so they could take my email address out of their spam lists).  Well guys, now look what you’ve done…

Being based in Toronto, I generally write about Canadian news and politics, but I’m not so parochial that I won’t occasionally dip my toes in US politics or international affairs.  As will become quickly obvious, my politics are fairly to the right-of-center (at least by Canadian standards – in the US I’d be a godless commie pinko, i.e., only slightly to right of Barrack Obama), but I’m not under any illusions that the righties aren’t capable of almost as much nonsense as the lefties, and I’ll call them out on it when appropriate.

In any event, I hope you find this blog entertaining and/or insightful.  Comments are, of course, welcome and encouraged, whether you agree with me or not (subject to the usual caveats about comments that are racist, obscene or defamatory which will, of course, be deleted).



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